TOTAL Spray Gun 80W (TT2082)


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Product Description:

  • Stroke Adjustment Knob – obtain the correct atomization of the paint and control the force of the spray.
  • Fast Action Trigger – instant control of spray.
  • Non-Conductive Housing – safe from electrical hazzard.
  • Heavy Duty Spark-Free Motor – reciprocating motor prevents spark and is built to last through hundreds of hours.
  • Viscosimeter – simple failproof cup designed to measure the thickness and density of your paint. get it perfect everytime


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Rated Voltage 220-240V – 50-60Hz
Max FLOW 280ml / min
Capacity of Bottle 800ml
Dia of Spray Nozzle 0.6 / 0.8mm
Rated Power input 80W
Adjustable Flow Rate
Large Capacity of Bottle

TOTAL Spray Gun 80W (TT2082)TOTAL Spray Gun 80W (TT2082)TOTAL Spray Gun 80W (TT2082)


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