INGCO Jig saw – JS80028

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MODEL # JS80028
GRIP Fiber/Rubber
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INGCO Jig saw – JS80028

Jig saw are mainly used for cutting different materials either in straight or in patterns that have to be made, using a jig saw a man can cut different sort of materials in the shape he wants to. INGCO jig saw enables you to carry out the cutting tasks whether they have to be done in straight or in curves. Using the durable jig saw you can easily cut through any surface which can be cut by a saw.



This INGCO jig saw can be used to carry out cutting as desired whether it is in straight line or in curved line, both can be easily done.



  • Voltage: 220-240V~50Hz
  • Input Power:800W
  • Aluminum base
  • With 5pcs saw blade
  • No load speed:800-3000rpm
  • Cutting capacity:
  • 100mm in wood
  • 8mm in steel
  • 4 step pendulum function


  • Durable
  • Easy to handle
  • Industrial tool
  • Can cut easily



INGCO is a brand which believes in providing its customers with quality products in relatively cheap prices, the products which INGCO makes are used to serve both purposes whether they be industrial or domestic. INGCO is an international brand having different partners in many countries all over the world, the headquarters of INGCO are in China from where they manufacture their products and sell it to all over the world through their regional partners. Unlike other brands INGCO doesn’t charge its customers unfair prices as they believe in selling more products all over the world and making their brand a well-known one. So when you are buying products INGCO it means you are not just getting amazingly durable high quality products but also getting them in the lowest possible price, as the company cares about their customers and wants them to have top of the line tools which can be relied upon as they won’t break during usage.



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